Permaculture quotes for anarchists: “Travels in Dreams” by Bill Mollison

The first book I have chosen is “Travels In Dreams: One Fat Foot In Front Of The Other,” the auto-biography of Bill Mollison (the co-founder of Permaculture). As you might expect, it touches on a great deal of different subjects (it's far from being a manual), giving a pretty good idea of the nature of the man himself - by all accounts a quite exceptional human being - and, by extension, of Permaculture, its aims and its approaches.

From farm to fork in Tokyo: We are The Farm Part 1

We Are The Farm. How could you resist eating at a restaurant with a name like this?! Not only does the name sound great - like a rallying call to lovers of healthy food and cutting-out-the-middleman - but what I read about them seemed to indicate an operation dedicated to bringing good food to the masses, making vegetables fashionable, and advocating a return to good, old-fashioned organic farming.

Settled in at last: calling Tokyo home.

Well, after about five years of my wife making noises about wanting to move back to Japan, after about one year of wondering how and when we would do it and where we would live, after three months of waiting for an impressive amount of books, pots and pans, wine and spirits, tea and honey (oh, and some clothes, too) to arrive, and then another two weeks to take them all out of the 150 cardboard boxes they came in, tidy them away, and start using them again, we can finally call our little flat in Tokyo home.