Kore kara nōka これから農家 is a blog intended to document my path towards becoming a farmer in Japan.

A Scot in my late-thirties, I moved to Japan towards the end of 2016, leaving behind me a fifteen-year plus career in the wine and spirits industry – after selling wine in Scotland for a few years after university, I had made a first break away from the UK to France where I spent the best part of a decade in and around Paris, working for a high-end spirits importer and distributor – but glad of the opportunity to start afresh and find some more meaning to my life than selling ridiculously over-priced bottles of whisky to dubious clients in a increasingly unstable economic climate.

Even before I left Europe I had begun to take steps to break away: my first move was to take a PDC (Permaculture Designer Certificate) course with Geoff Lawton in 2015, which I supplemented with two further courses the same year at La Ferme du Bec-Hellouin in Normandy (wild plants and micro-agriculture), and completed during the summer of 2016 with a substantial course in organic farming at La Ferme de Saint Marthe in Sologne.

Since arriving in Japan and moving into a flat in Tokyo, I have devoted my time to time to finding about as much as I can about farming in Japan – visiting shops and talking with distributors, studying up on the rules and regulations governing the industry and, of course, meeting with farmers, visiting them on their land ans seeking their help and guidance towards becoming a farmer myself. Whilst I have lived in Japan before – I studied Japanese history, language and culture at university and have both under-graduate and post-graduate degrees in the subject – most of what I am learning here is new to me and is mostly unknown outside of Japan. This blog is a way for me to pull together all the information I have managed to gleaned: I hope it will be as interesting to you the reader as it will be useful to me (and to any others who wish to follow in the same path).

Some of my main influences are:

Bio-intensive organic market gardening

– Curtis Stone
– Eliot Coleman
– Jean-Martin Fortier

Japanese natural agriculture (自然農 shizen-nô)

– Fukuoka Masanobu
– Kawaguchi Yoshikazu
– Takeuchi Atsunori


– Ben Falk
– David Holmgren
– Geoff Lawton

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